CHAPTER 1: OVERVIEW                                                                                              
1.1.    Current Market Dynamics                                                                                     
1.2.    Introduction to Service Integration & Management (SIAM)                                        
1.3.    Why SIAM?                                                                                                         
1.3.1.    Multi-Supplier Environment Related Challenges                                              
1.3.2.    Merger & Acquisition and Demerger & Spin-Off Related Challenges                 
1.3.3.    Other Challenges                                                                                        
1.3.4.    Benefits                                                                                                     
1.4.    Service Management & SIAM                                                                                

CHAPTER 2: SETTING GROUND FOR SIAM                                                                 
2.1.    Building The Business Case                                                                                 
2.2.    Stakeholder Analysis                                                                                           
2.3.    Return On Value (ROV)                                                                                        
2.4.    Obtaining Approvals                                                                                             
2.5.    A Snapshot Of Typical Business Case                                                                   

CHAPTER 3: THE SIAM FLUID-PUMP MODEL                                                                          
3.1.    The Model                                                                                                           
3.2.    Components Of SIAM Fluid-Pump Model                                                               
3.2.1.    Strategy Plane                                                                                       Base Planks                                                                                Market Demands                                                           Business Needs                                                            Strategic Engines                                                                         Strategy Engine                                                             Policy Engine                                                                Process Engine                                                             Governance Shaft                                                                              
3.2.2.    Integration Plane                                                                                    Integration Pump                                                                          Process Processor                                                        People Processor                                                          Tools & Systems Processor                                           Governance Processor                                                   Supplier Containers                                                                       Resource Fluids                                                                            People Fluid                                                                  Technology Fluid                                                            Knowledge Fluid                                                             Integrated Services Fluid                                                Feedback Fluid                                                             Fluid Pipes                                                                                   People Pipe                                                                   Process Pipe                                                                 Knowledge Pipe                                                             Service Integration Pipe                                                  Reporting & Feedback Pipe                                            Catalogues                                                                                   Supplier Catalogue                                                         Integrated Catalogue                                                           
3.2.3.    Services Plane                                                                                       Catalogues                                                                                   Business Service Catalogue                                           Service Absorbers                                                                             
3.2.4.    Feedback Components                                                                           Feedback Processor                                                                     Buses                                                                                          Feedback & Tuning Bus                                                 Strategy Bus                                                                 Tuning Signals                                                                                   

CHAPTER 4: GOVERNANCE ORGANIZATION FOR SIAM                                              
4.1.    SIAM Executive Committee                                                                                  
4.2.    SIAM Governance & Advisory Boards                                                                    
4.2.1.    Strategic Governance and Advisory Board                                                     
4.2.2.    Risk Governance and Advisory Board                                                
4.2.3.    Security Governance & Advisory Board                                                         
4.2.4.    Innovation & Improvement Council                                                                 
4.2.5.    Asset Management Governance & Advisory Board                                         
4.2.6.    Program Governance & Management Board                                                  
4.2.7.    Technology & Enterprise Architecture Council                                               
4.3.    SIAM Steering Committee                                                                                    
4.4.    SIAM Service Management Office (SSMO)                                                 

CHAPTER 5: SETUP SIAM FLUID-PUMP MODEL                                                          
5.1.    Setup SIAM Programme                                                                                       
5.1.1.    Scoping                                                                                                     
5.2.    SIAM Deployment                                                                                                
5.2.1.    SIAM Knowledge Management System (SIAMKMS)                                 Strategic Information System (SIS)                                                Portfolio Management Information System (PMIS)                           Policy & Process Management System (PPMS)                              Regulatory & Compliance Mgmt. Information System (RCMIS)          Supplier & Contract Management Information System (SCMIS)         Service Level Management Information System (SLMIS)                  Service Improvement Management System (SIMS)                          Security Management Information System (SMIS)                                        Configuration Management Information System (CoMIS)     Asset Management Information System (AsMIS)                           Availability Management Information System (AMIS)                      Capacity Management Information System (CMIS)                         Business Continuity Management Information System (BCMIS)      Change Evaluation & Review System (CERS)                                Release Management System (RMS)                                            Testing Management System (TMS)                                             Catalogue Management System (CaMS)                                       Incident & Problem Management System (IPMS)                           Event Management System (EMS)                                               SIAM Feedback System (SIAMFS)                                              Performance Management System (PMS)                                     Customer Experience Management System (CEMS)                      Federated Knowledge Base (FKB)                                                       
5.2.2.    Systems Supporting Fluid-Pump Model                                                        
5.2.3.    Processes Supporting Fluid-Pump Model                                                      
5.2.4.    Deployment Phases                                                                               Requirement Gathering & Consolidation                                          Publish SIAM Charter                                                                    Policy Definition                                                                            Process Design & Standardization                                                 Service Modelling                                                                          Architect SIAM System                                                                 Governance Design                                                                       Governance Setup                                                                        Tools Selection, Development, Integration & Deployment               Trainings & Communication                                                         SIAM Go-Live                                                                             Passing The Baton                                                                            

CHAPTER 6: RUNNING THE FLUID-PUMP MODEL                                                        
6.1.    Manage & Maintain Strategic Engines                                                                   
6.1.1.    Strategy Engine                                                                                          
6.1.2.    Policy Engine                                                                                             
6.1.3.    Process Engine                                                                                          
6.2.    Maintaining Governance Shaft                                                                               
6.3.    Manage & Maintain Integration Pump                                                                     
6.3.1.    Process Processors                                                                                    
6.3.2.    People Processors                                                                                      
6.3.3.    Tools & Systems Processors                                                                       
6.3.4.    Governance Processor                                                                                
6.4.    Manage and Maintain Supplier Containers                                                              
6.5.    Manage and Maintain Resource Fluids                                                                   
6.5.1.    People Fluids                                                                                             
6.5.2.    Knowledge Fluid                                                                                         
6.5.3.    Technology Fluid                                                                                         
6.5.4.    Integrated Services Fluid                                                                              
6.5.5.    Feedback Fluid                                                                                           
6.6.    Manage and Maintain Fluid Pipes                                                                          
6.7.    Manage and Maintain Catalogues                                                                          
6.8.    Manage and Maintain Feedback Processor                                                
6.9.    Manage and Maintain Buses                                                                                 
6.10.  Managing Service Absorbers                                                                                 
6.11.  On-board To & De-board From SIAM                                                                      
6.11.1.  Technology                                                                                           
6.11.2.  Services                                                                                               
6.11.3.  Suppliers                                                                                              
6.11.4.  Business/Organization                                                                          

APPENDIX A: Ensuring Success Of SIAM Through CSF & KPIs                                       
APPENDIX B: Value Realization Through SIAM                                                               
APPENDIX C: Steps To Calculate ROI, TCO and TCC                                                      
C.1. RoI Calculation                                                                                                
C.2. TCO Calculation                                                                                               
C.3. TCC Calculation                                                                                               
APPENDIX D: Sourcing Options of SIAM Roles                                                               
APPENDIX E: Processes of SIAM                                                                                  
E.1. SIAM Process Framework                                                                                
E.2. SIAM Process & System Relationship                                                               
APPENDIX F: Templates                                                                                               
F.1. Stakeholder Matrix                                                                                           
F.2. Technology Matrix                                                                                            
F.3. Supplier Performance Matrix                                                                             
F.3.a. Supplier Dependency Matrix                                                                      
F.4. Knowledge Matrix                                                                                             
F.4. a. Knowledge Scarcity Matrix                                                                       
F.4. b. Knowledge Article Matrix                                                                         
F.5. People Experience & Expertise Matrix                                                                           
F.6. Resourcing & Skill Matrix                                                                                  
APPENDIX G: Abbreviations                                                                                          

APPENDIX H: Bibliography                                                                                             

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